Sunday, February 3, 2013

Physics FOR DUMMIES - Steven Holzner

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Physics is the study of your world and the world and universe around
you. You may think of physics as a burden — an obligation placed on
you in school, mostly to be nasty — but it isn’t like that. Physics is a study
that you undertake naturally from the moment you open your eyes.
Nothing falls beyond the scope of physics; it’s an all-encompassing science.
You can study various aspects of the natural world, and, accordingly, you can
study different fields in physics: the physics of objects in motion, of forces, of
electricity, of magnetism, of what happens when you start going nearly as fast
as the speed of light, and so on. You enjoy the study of all these topics and
many more in this book.

Physics has been around as long as people have tried to make sense of their
world. The word “physics” is derived from the Greek word “physika,” which
means “natural things.”

You can observe plenty going on around you all the time in the middle of your
complex world. Leaves are waving, the sun is shining, the stars are twinkling,
light bulbs are glowing, cars are moving, computer printers are printing, people are walking and riding bikes, streams are flowing, and so on. Physics is an inquiry into the world and the way it works, from the most basic (like coming to terms with the inertia of a dead car that you’re trying to push) to the most exotic (like peering into the very tiniest of worlds inside the smallest of particles to try to make sense of the fundamental building blocks of matter).

At root, physics is all about getting conscious about your world.

Physics is all around you, in every commonplace action. But if you want to get
wild, physics is the science to do it. This book finishes off with a roundup of some wild physics: the possibility of wormholes in space, for example, and how the gravitational pull of black holes is too strong for even light to escape.


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